Orion BMS SOC Meter w/ Data Logging

Orion BMS SOC Meter w/ Data Logging
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The Data Logging Display module for the Orion BMS / Orion Jr. BMS (CAN version only) provides visual feedback of the essential information on a battery pack as well as data logging capabilities for diagnostics. This display and logging combo connects to an Orion BMS unit via CAN (Controller Area Network) and logs data to a memory card while displaying State of Charge, Power Limited (reduced output power), and the Malfunction Indicator Status (error indicator).

Quick Specifications

  • Operates with the Orion BMS and Orion Jr. BMS (CAN version only) from Ewert Energy Systems (BMS sold separately)
  • Full automotive operating temperature range (-40C to 80C)
  • Logs BMS parameters to memory card at user selectable sampling rate
  • Able to log both individual cell voltages as well as general BMS parameters
  • Compact size and shape
  • Connects to the Orion BMS via CAN (no analog connections)
  • External “event trigger” input which can flag events for future review
  • Log graphing and analysis software
  • Real time clock to store data and time of each charge / discharge cycle
  • Supports CAN frequencies of 125, 250, 500Kbps, and 1 Mbps
  • User customizable logging frequency from 100mS to 10 seconds

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