Zilla 1K

Zilla 1K
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Zilla 1k Low Voltage - 72V-156V
Zilla 1k High Voltage - 72V-300V (+$700.00)


The Zilla is by far the most powerful motor controller available for Electric Vehicles. Exceptionally high power density has been achieved by a novel design which pays careful attention to maximizing efficiency. Many years of development, extensive testing, and using only the best parts insures reliability. The result is a race tested reliable package like no other.

While designing the Zilla series of controllers much attention was given to safety. From carefully monitoring that the controller comes up to voltage, communicates properly and checks the integrity of the output stage before engaging the main contactor, to the dual microprocessors that cross check and each have independent means of shutting the system off, there is no other DC EV controller that approaches this level of security.

The Zilla is the only controller that allows adjustment of multiple limits on battery voltage, battery current, motor current, motor voltage, RPM and more. These are not only important for going as fast as possible without blowing up motors and batteries, but also allow adjustment of the unit to prolong motor and battery life in street applications.

The Zilla works excellently with single motor systems, but realizing that many of the quickest EVs use dual motors, the Hairball interface also has a option for safe automatic Series/Parallel shifting of dual motors for even more power and efficiency.

It is no surprise that all of the worlds quickest Electric Vehicles use Zilla controllers, but the safety features allow them to also excel in street applications. The Z1K in particular has become very popular for street conversions due to its superior feature set and low price.


• 1 year factory warranty.

• Water cooling for sustained high power operation.

• 1000 motor Amps available with proper cooling.

• Multiple Microprocessors which cross check for security and safety.

• Full motor current limit control with smooth temperature cutback.

• Silent high frequency operation.

• Compact size, dimensions: 7.00" Wide, 4.63" High, 9.00" Long.

• Weight 15.5 lb.

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