EVolve Electrics is excited to introduce EnerDel, a U.S. based manufacturer of lithium cells, into our current lithium-ion battery product line. Extensive research, design and manufacturing expertise has gone into the development of EnerDel’s pouch and prismatic cells. With more than one-million cells functioning in a variety of applications including Th!nk and Volvo's C30 EV, EnerDel has become a proven leader in the rapidly-growing lithium cell manufacturing industry.
Enerdel ME350-049
Enerdel EB12S2P
Enerdel MP320-049
Enerdel EC12S2P
Enerdel EC6S4P
Enerdel PB8S4P
Enerdel EC8S4P
Enerdel PB6S4P
Enerdel EC4S6P
Enerdel PB4S6P
Enerdel EC4S8P
Enerdel PB4S8P
Enerdel EC2S12P
Enerdel PB2S12P