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HPEVS AC-50 Motor with Curtis Controller

HPEVS AC-50 Motor with Curtis Controller
Price: $4,600.00



The AC 50 motor is an 8" motor that is capable of producing 71 horsepower and 120 ft-lbs. of torque. It was designed for use in an automotive application with a curb weight of 3500 lbs or less. This system is used in other vehicles that require the torque and horsepower that this motor supplies. It is available with or without a 7/8" auxiliary shaft.

The weight of the AC 50 is around 115 pounds/52.2 Kg.

This motor is also very popular in the mining industry. We manufacture an enclosed (not water proof) version of this motor that is used for personnel carriers.

Here is a list of the typical applications for which this motor can be applied:

» Automotive » Mining » Utility Vehicles » Ground Support Vehicles

Controller Option:

• 1236SE-5621 (48V 600A) • 1238E-6521 (48-80V 550A) • 1238R-7601 (72-96V 650A) • 1239E-8521 (144V 500A) » 12 volt logic «

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