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Supporting EV Projects Since 2009!

Founded on a passion for sustainable mobility and a greener future, Evolve Electrics has swiftly become a go-to destination for electric vehicle enthusiasts and professionals alike. As a leading distributor of top-tier electric vehicle parts, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse and high-quality inventory that caters to budding EV hobbyists, academic institutions, and professional industry experts.

But our services go beyond just distribution. Our team, armed with extensive knowledge and experience in the electric vehicle domain, also offers invaluable consultation services, guiding clients through every step of their EV journey. At Evolve Electrics, we're not just about parts; we're about driving the future, one electric mile at a time.

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Altran AEV250-M

Altran AEV250-M

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Valeo On Board Charger (3.3kW 180-430Vdc)