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Orion O2 Remote Battery Management System - REM

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Orion Remote BMS: Next-Level Battery Management for Advanced Applications

Experience the future of battery management with the Orion Remote BMS, a groundbreaking system that promises unparalleled flexibility and safety.

Product Description:
The Orion Remote BMS (Battery Management System) is a state-of-the-art battery management solution designed to meet the advanced requirements of contemporary energy storage applications. Engineered for precision, reliability, and adaptability, this system ensures the optimal health, safety, and longevity of your battery packs.  The Remote BMS must be coupled with the Expandable (BXL) BMSIt is not compatible with the Orion O2 Standard BMS.

Key Differences Between Orion Remote BMS and Standard Orion O2 Controller.

1. Split Pack Configuration:

  • Orion Remote BMS: Offers the unique capability to split the battery pack and manage it with separate BMS controllers. This design ensures better isolation between sections, thereby enhancing the overall safety and integrity of the system.
  • Standard Orion O2 Controller: Operates as a singular unit, managing the battery as one connected system without the split-pack feature.

2. Enhanced Configurability:
With the Orion Remote BMS, users are endowed with advanced configuration options. This permits tailored setups, catering to specific needs and applications, ensuring optimal performance and longer battery lifespan.

3. Superior Isolation:
The split-pack approach of the Orion Remote BMS grants enhanced protection. By isolating different sections of the battery pack, potential issues in one section can be contained, reducing the risk of a wider system failure.

4. Intuitive User Experience:
Despite its advanced features, the Orion Remote BMS is user-friendly, with a clear interface, intuitive controls, and detailed analytics. This makes it easy even for novices to understand the intricacies of their battery systems and make informed decisions.

Perfect for large-scale energy storage solutions, critical backup systems, electric vehicles, and any setup that requires advanced battery management with an emphasis on safety and configurability.

Choosing the Orion Remote BMS is not just an upgrade; it's a leap into the future of battery management. Whether you need enhanced safety, advanced configuration options, or simply a more reliable and effective system, the Orion Remote BMS stands out as the paramount choice.

The Orion BMS 02 Remote kit includes:

•(1) REM Controller
•(1) REM Input/Output Wiring Harness

•(1) Cell Tap Harnesses
•(1) REM 8-Thermistor Harness


(click here for Primary Controller product page)

This second generation of the Orion BMS improves on many aspects of the original, delivering significantly more functionality and capabilities while reducing size and weight. Orion Battery Management Systems from Ewert Energy Systems are robust, full-featured BMSs that are specifically designed to handle the rigors of on-road and off-road automotive use. They provide both digital and analog outputs to control chargers, motor controllers, and other external devices like cooling fans or heaters. Orion BMSs are field programmable with two CAN interfaces and OBD-II support for retrieving data logs, trouble codes, or snapshots as faults occur in the field with OBD-II scan tools.

Highlights of New Features of the New Orion BMS are:
1. Significantly smaller size for 24 cell to 72 cell models due to a new enclosure size that was introduced.
2. Roughly 40% lower weight on all models due to the new enclosure design and streamlined heatsink. Additionally, the heatsink is now removable (minimum heat dissipation requirements still apply).
3. Direct hardware support for several popular charging protocols including SAE J1772 (directly interfacing with the pilot/ proximity lines)
4. Significant algorithm and software improvements to improve overall system accuracy for parameters such as the State of Charge and pack health.
5. Wider input power voltage range (now 12v-24vDC compatible) for better support on heavy vehicles and equipment. The Orion 02 remains fully compatible with 12v applications.

The Orion BMS protects and monitors almost all Li-Ion battery packs for both Electric and Hybrid vehicles by providing:
•Thermal Management
•Current and Voltage Protection
•Smart Cell Balancing and State of Charge via Coulomb Counting
•Internal Resistance Data Advance
•Isolation Fault Detection

Already have an Orion BMS and need some help?  Check out our Help Center to find commonly asked questions and trouble shooting techniques.

The Orion BMS also has some very useful add on accessories that can save you time and money while programming or in the field:

SOC Display with Data Logging -- Connects to the BMS via CAN providing parameters to a memory card at a user-designated frequency from 100mS to 10 seconds
Cell Wiring Validator -- Checks the cell tap wiring harnesses to ensure they are wired properly before plugging them into the system.
Thermistor Expansion Module -- Allows up to 80 additional thermistors to the system via CAN. If needed, up to 10 Thermistor Expansion Modules can be used together allowing up to 800 thermistors to be used in a system.
Orion BMS Connect -- An internet-based remote monitoring system that allows the user to monitor battery packs via PC/MAC, smartphone, or tablet. It provides instant data, charts of recent history, and diagnostic information including recent events, fault codes, and freeze frame data all on a webpage!


Purchasing Guide
Quick Start Guide
Wiring and Installation Manual
Operations Manual
Orion to Orion 2 Migration
Torque PIDS
Wiring Generator
24-72 Cell Manufacturing Drawing
84-108 Cell Manufacturing Drawing
120-180 Cell Manufacturing Drawing
Application Notes
Using Parallel Strings