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TBS QuickLink Bluetooth Communication Kit

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TBS Display For E-Xpert Pro Displays


This kit enables you to control, readout and configure the Expert Modular from an iOS or Android based mobile phone via Bluetooth. The Dashboard Mobile app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

In the Device List screen, the Add device button must be pressed to search for nearby TBS Bluetooth devices. Once found and paired with your phone or tablet, the TBS Bluetooth device will appear in the Device List screen. By pressing on this device, the app will jump to the Main screen showing the most relevant information.

On the Main Screen, the Show More button at the bottom of the screen will activate a slide out showing all available parameters from the TBS device. The Settings screen can be accessed by pressing the gear icon in the upper right corner. When an alarm is activated, an alarm bell icon will appear next to the gear icon. Pressing the bell icon will activate a slide out showing the type of alarm.

The Settings screen allows you to completely setup the TBS Device. This setup possibility can also be blocked by installers using a pin code lock. Depending on the connected TBS device, the settings screen also allows you to readout historical data, status information and change the name of the TBS device.

At this moment, the Dashboard Mobile app only supports the Expert Modular battery monitor. In the coming time however, the app will be further expanded in order support more TBS devices like battery chargers.