NGC Throttle - Cable Pull

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The WarP-Drive Hall-effect cable-pull throttle assembly is an automotive-quality throttle input device with dual Hall-effect sensors and a variety of features to make it reliable and easy to install. It includes dual return springs. It also comes with an additional spring to allow for customization of the return tension by replacing the heavier spring with a lighter one. The Hall-effect unit eliminates the annoying wear out of regular pot boxes. The device easily accommodates various installations, where different throttle cable travel distances are required for each vehicle. This is accomplished with a set of 5 inner discs, giving the following travel options: 1.125", 1.25", 1.5", 1.75", and 2". . **Sold with the connector end to be plug-n-play with the WarP Drive Industrial controller or with the bare ends to adapt to the Solition, Soliton Jr., Zilla, or all HPEVS Curtis controller (must specify upon ordering throttle type or purchase programming kit with HPEVS package).

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