Lithium Block™ Power Module
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Lithium Block™ Power Module

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Lithium Block™ Spec Sheet

Explore the innovative Lithium Block™ by CIE Solutions, a versatile lithium-ion battery module tailored for a spectrum of power needs. Available in configurations ranging from 3P to 10P, this module seamlessly combines energy cells for long-lasting power with power cells designed for high-demand applications, offering a comprehensive energy solution.

The Lithium Block™ stands out with its choice of Molicel M35A or Molicel P28A cells, catering to different power requirements. It features an integrated thermistor emulator, enabling precise temperature monitoring of each cell to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Designed with safety and compliance in mind, the Lithium Block™ meets UN 38.3 and IEC 62133 standards, ensuring reliable and secure operation across various environments. The module's discharge and charge temperature ranges are thoughtfully set to accommodate diverse operating conditions.

Constructed from glass-filled, fire-retardant ABS material and equipped with ultrasonic wire bonding for cell bonding, this module promises durability and safety. It includes a polarity indicator, a 2P JST connector for the NTC emulator, and M6 bus bar terminal for easy installation and maintenance.

The Lithium Block™ represents a forward-thinking approach to battery technology, blending high energy capacity, robust safety features, and versatile application potential, making it ideal for everything from portable electronics to industrial power systems.

    Recommended Accessory Components (These are not included and should be purchased separately):

    • Lithium Block™ Busbars 
    • Lithium Block™ Busbar Covers
    • Lithium Block™ Tie Down brackets 

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