12 Volt Charging

We are a one stop shop for charging your 12 volt system. From Electronic Road Signs to Energy Storage Systems for RV's - we have what you need. Our inventory of 12 volt chargers from IOTA engineering have outputs ranging from 15 amps to 90 amps and are compatible with the IQ4 charge controller.  

Construction - The Iota DLS series has become the standard charger for many types of variable message signs, arrow boards, and radar speed signs. In many cases, the Iota DLS chargers are drop in replacements for older signs and come with a 3 year warranty.   

RV's - Iota's DLS chargers are very popular among the RV community. They are safe, reliable, easy to use, and most importantly, cost effective. With the addition of the IQ4 charge controller, simply plug your charger in to an A/C power source and forget about it. The optional IQ4 turns the DLS series into a smart charger that prevents over charging when your RV is in storage for extended periods of time. 

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 IOTA DLS Chargers

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