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Evolve Electrics has over a decade of experience supplying components and services to industry leading Original Equipment Manufactures who demand top quality stationary and mobile energy storage solutions. From prototyping to production, we will stand by your team offering free consultations, technical support and logistical support. 

We have the last shipment of Rev 1 Eltek Valeo chargers in the U.S. Give us a call to secure your inventory before they are all gone! 

We offer top quality components with rapid turn around to ensure that your team meets all deadlines. Simply submit one purchase order and receive all parts needed for the project, organized and consolidated. We are experts in international shipping and logistics. We ship chargers to India, lithium batteries to the Philippines, and complete systems to Canada regularly.  

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We offer complete off the shelf integrated lithium battery systems that are ready for production. Each off the shelf system is tested, balanced, and programmed with minimal lead times.   

Power Tap 2000 Lithium Power Rack 


If an off the shelf solutions doesn't fit your specifications, our engineers can provide a variety of services -- from consultation, verification, prototyping to production!

Follow this link to submit an inquiry to let us know what you need. 

 Custom Engineered Energy Storage Solutions
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