Solar and Energy Storage Systems

Evolve Electrics can provide top quality components, completely integrated systems, or design custom solutions for your Energy Storage needs. From 48V to 400V systems, we have a Energy Storage solution to fit your application. 

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With over 10 years as leaders in mobile energy storage solutions, we have hand picked the best components for your stationary application. We stand behind Enerdel and Calb as our lithium battery manufacturers, Ewert Energy for battery management systems, and TBS for displays.  

Enerdel and Calb Lithium Batteries Orion Battery Management System by Ewert Energy   TBS Xantrex Displays
Lithium Batteries  Battery Management Systems Displays 


Our off the self energy storage systems are fully integrated, tested, and ready to be installed into your solar system. The modular 48V Lithium Power Rack starts at 5kWh and can be expanded to 52kwh, depending on your team's specification. The Lithium Power Bank starts at 48V and can be expanded to upwards of 200kwh. 

Lithium Power Rack  Lithium Power Bank - Under Construction


If an off the shelf solutions doesn't fit your specifications, our engineers can provide a variety of services -- from consultation, verification, prototyping to production!


Solar Panels, Nissan Leaf Modules, and Inverters coming soon!