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HPEVS AC-50 Motor Kit

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The brushless HPEVS AC 50 Electric Motor is an 8" motor capable of producing up to 71 horsepower and 120 ft/lbs of torque. Its perfect for EV applications under 3500 pounds and can be enclosed for off road use. The AC 50 can handle 48V to 144V and weighs about 115 pounds. 

The kit includes:

  • Motor
  • Curtis Controller
  • Wiring Harness 
  • Display Unit
  • Gigavac Contactor

96 Volt:

 Motor Face:  B-Face
Motor Diameter:  8.980"
Motor Case Length:  13.798"
Motor Shaft Length End to End:  17.5"
Motor Type:  AC Induction
Brushes:  No 
Interpoles:  No 
Weight:  115 lbs, 52 kg 
Max Voltage Input:  130
Terminal Stud Size:  3/8"
Integrated Sensors:  Encoder
Rated Torque:  120 Lb Ft 
Rated Power:  120 Lb Ft 
Continuous RPM:  5,000
Max RPM:  10,000
RPM Sensor:  No 
Drive End Shaft:  1 1/8" with  1/4 Keyway 
Acc/ Commutator End Shaft:  Optional 7/8" with 3/16" Keyway 
Timing:  N/A 
Max Efficiency:  88%
Thermal Cooling:  Internal Fan 
Max Temperature:  356 Degrees Fahrenheit
180 Degrees Celsius 
Matching Controller Included in Price; 
Warranty Period:  2 Years

Controller options are: