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CHadeMO Connector and Inlet

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We are pleased to introduce the CHadeMO Inlet to our store selection. The CHadeMO Inlet now has the capability to be integrated with the Orion BMS System. This new capability can be done seamlessly, we have provided an instruction manual attached below for your viewing. 

CHadeMO Installation with the Orion BMS 2

urrently has a 2-3 week lead time

Yazaki PNX1PG1618 DC Fast Charging Connector

This Charging Connector is easy to operate, simply insert to mate and push the yellow eject button to unmate. The handle has been ergonomically designed with a highly flexible cabtyre cable. Safe charging is achieved with latch position detection (CHadeMO 1.0 compliant). The design protects is waterproof and the circuits will be protected in the event of water entry. An LED light is switched on when charging starts. An electromagnetic lock prevents unlocking during charges. This CHadeMO Charging Connector allows 10,000 cycles of insertion and removal. This connector can withstand being driven over by a vehicle of up to 2 tons! This resistor will not break when dropped form a height of 1m. 

 Specification  Value 
Rated Voltage  500V 
Rated Current  125A 
Ambient Temperature  -40 - +60 Degrees 
Cabtyre cable  POWER 2, SIGNAL 7, LED power supply 2

Yazaki 7435-3318 Inlet

Charging is performed by  inserting the connector of a stand conforming to the CHadeMO specifications. Opening and closing operations are gentle and smooth. The new and impoved metal latch wear resistance over resin latches. The CHadeMO Charging Inlet is dustproof and waterproof with a IP55 rating. 

 Specification  Value 
Rated Voltage  500V DC 
Rated Current  125A 
Poles  POWER 2, SIGNAL 7
Ambient Temperature  -40 to +60 Degrees