1000W IP67 Sealed DC-DC Converter– EVolve Electrics
1000W IP67 Sealed DC-DC Converter - EVolve Electrics

1000W IP67 Sealed DC-DC Converter

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-Supplies 12V/24V power to low-voltage applications in electric vehicles
-Output terminal can connect directly to 12V/24V back-up battery pack
-Manages the charging process of back-up battery automatically
-Fully Sealed Potting can be waterproof and dust proof
-Temperature and Vibration Resistance

Input Specifications

Nominal Voltage: DC72V / DC96V / DC144V
Nominal Current: 14A / 10.5A / 7A
Input Voltage: 50-100V / 64-133V / 100-200V
Protection Point of: 50V±2% / 64V±2% / 100V±2%
Protection Point of: 100V±2% / 133V±2% / 208V±2%
Max Input Voltage: ≤100V / ≤150V / ≤250V
Inrush Starting: ≤15A

Output Specifications

Nominal Voltage: 13.8V±1% @ 12V
Output Voltage: 27.6V±1% @ 24V
Nominal Current: 70A±5% @ 12V
Output Current: 40A±5% @ 24V
Nominal DC: 1000W
Max Efficiency: ≥92%
Output Voltage: ≤50ms
Voltage: 0.5%
Load Regulation: ≤1%
Steady Voltage: ≤1%
Steady Current: ≤5%
Current Leaking of: 2.2mA±1mA
Output Ripple: ≤500mV
Output Over: 16V±1V@12V Output, 32V±1V@24VOutput
12/24V Enable: ≤10mA
Requirement of: 16mm2 @ 12V 10mm2 @ 24V


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