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Hella Vacuum Pump

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The cost savings and energy advantages of conventional brake systems equipped with a pneumatic brake servo boost can also be applied to advanced vehicle technologies such as future hybrid / fuel cell vehicles by incorporating a vacuum pump. These pumps are able to supply the necessary vacuum, independent of the engine technology. The UP30/32 supplies a vacuum to the brake booster, and when required, to the engine compartment actuators. UP30/UP32 is installed in the pneumatic segment of the brake system like the UP28. Both vacuum pumps are ideal for vehicles without any vacuum, such as hybrid, electric or diesel engines.

Hella UP30 electric vacuum pumps are designed to support or independently generate the vacuum for the pneumatic brake booster system and can provide pneumatic vacuum supply as a stand-alone system. Conventional braking system for alternative drive systems such as hybrid and electric drives can continue to be used. They are dry running systems and can be utilized in multiple mounting options, both on and off engine, making them a flexible solution for providing a high pneumatic volume primary vacuum source.