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HPEVS AC-23 Motor Kit

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The brushless HPEVS AC-23 has been developed to produce more torque. On a 96 volt / 650 amp system, this impressive little motor is producing 56 horsepower with 128 ft-lbs of torque from a package that weighs about 60 pounds! Its perfect for golf cars, motorcycles, utility vehicles, hydraulic pumps, and many other industrial applications.  

This kit includes:
HPEVS AC23 Motor
Curtis 1238-7601 Controller
35 Pin Connector and Wire Harness
12 Volt HV Relay
Curtis 840 Dash Gauge
SPST Menu Button
SPST Mode Switch

96 Volt:

**Main contactor sold separately, GV200-QA

 Motor Face:  C-Face
Motor Diameter:  6.940"
Motor Case Length:  11.35"
Motor Shaft Length End to End:  11.35"
Motor Type:  AC Induction
Brushes:  No 
Interpoles:  No
Weight:  27 Kg (60 lbs)
Max Voltage Input:  130
Terminal Stud Size:  3/8"
Integrated Sensors:  Encoder 
Rated Torque: 128 Lb Ft
Rated Power:  56 HP
Continuos RPM:  5,000
Max RPM:  10,000
RPM Sensor:  No 
Drive End Shaft:  7/8" Shaft with 3/16" Keyway
Acc/ Commutator End Shaft:  N/A 
Timing:  N/A 
Max Efficiency:  88%
Thermal Cooling:  Internal Fan 
Max Temperature: 

356 Degrees Fahrenheit
180 Degrees Celsius

Matching Controller Included in Price: 


Warranty Period:  2 Years 

    Controller Options are:

    • 1236SE-5621 (48V 600A)
    • 1236SE-6521 (48-80V 450A)
    • 1238E-6521 (48-80V 550A)
    • 1238E-7621 (72-96V 650A)
    • 1239E-8521 (144V 500A)

    Mounting Options

    C-Face Adaptor (AC 20/23-03.27)
    NEMA C-Face endplate 7/8" shaft w/ 3/16" keyway on drive end. This motor is our best-selling motor for motorcycles. This motor can also be used in go-carts, ATV's and as a hydraulic pump motor. 
    AC 2X-03.27 Page 1
    AC 2X-03.27 Page 2

    Mining Vehicle Motor 10 Spline (AC 20/23-04.01)
    C-Face drive end 3/4" Shaft w/ 3/16" keyway on the brake end. This version of the AC 20/ AC 23 motor is used in the mining industry. It bolts up to a Dana differential with a 10 spline coupler. 
    AC 20/23-04.01 Page 1
    AC 20/23-04.01 Page 2 

    Hydraulic Pump Motor (AC 20/23-06.56)
    SAE "A" Pump Adaptor w/ SAE coupler integrated mounting plate. This motor is designed with an SAE-A mounting face so that a hydraulic pump can be mounted. The AC-23 version of this motor has a higher torque rating. 
    AC 20/23-06.56 Page 1
    AC 20/23-06.56 Page 2
    AC 20/23-06.56 Page 3

    10 Spline (AC 20/23-07.51) 
    Club Car Specific Motor 10 Spline coupler with Graziano Golf car style adaptor. This motor is made for both the golf car industry and the utility vehicle industry. This motor attaches to a Graziano differential. 
    AC 20/23-07.51 Page 1
    AC 20/23-07.51 Page 2

    19 Spline (AC 20/23-07.52)
    19 Spline Coupler with Graziano Style Adaptor. This motor was made for both the golf car industry and the utility vehicle industry. The motor can attach to a Graziano differential. 
    AC 2X-07.52 Page 1
    AC 2X-07.52 Page 2

    19 Spline (AC 20/23-07.52)
    Dana or Team Industries Differential. Can be used in Yamaha, E-Z-GO, Columbia, and Tomberlin golf carts. This motor is made for both the gold car industry and the utility vehicle industry. The motor can attach to a Team/ Dana differential. 
    AC 2X-08.52 Page 1
    AC 2X-08.52 Page 2