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HPEVS AC-23 Motor Kit

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The brushless HPEVS AC-23 has been developed to produce more torque. On a 96 volt / 650 amp system, this impressive little motor is producing 56 horsepower with 128 ft-lbs of torque from a package that weighs about 60 pounds! Its perfect for golf cars, motorcycles, utility vehicles, hydraulic pumps, and many other industrial applications.  

This kit includes:
HPEVS AC23 Motor
Curtis 1238-7601 Controller
35 Pin Connector and Wire Harness
12 Volt HV Relay
Curtis 840 Dash Gauge
SPST Menu Button
SPST Mode Switch

96 Volt:

**Main contactor sold separately, GV200-QA

 Motor Face:  C-Face
Motor Diameter:  6.940"
Motor Case Length:  11.35"
Motor Shaft Length End to End:  11.35"
Motor Type:  AC Induction
Brushes:  No 
Interpoles:  No
Weight:  27 Kg (60 lbs)
Max Voltage Input:  130
Terminal Stud Size:  3/8"
Integrated Sensors:  Encoder 
Rated Torque: 128 Lb Ft
Rated Power:  56 HP
Continuos RPM:  5,000
Max RPM:  10,000
RPM Sensor:  No 
Drive End Shaft:  7/8" Shaft with 3/16" Keyway
Acc/ Commutator End Shaft:  N/A 
Timing:  N/A 
Max Efficiency:  88%
Thermal Cooling:  Internal Fan 
Max Temperature: 

356 Degrees Fahrenheit
180 Degrees Celsius

Matching Controller Included in Price: 


Warranty Period:  2 Years 

    Controller Options are:

    • 1236SE-5621 (48V 600A)
    • 1236SE-6521 (48-80V 450A)
    • 1238E-6521 (48-80V 550A)
    • 1238E-7621 (72-96V 650A)
    • 1239E-8521 (144V 500A)