Lithium Block® - 1S9P (31.5Ah, 3.6V) - EVolve Electrics
Lithium Block® - 1S9P (31.5Ah, 3.6V) - EVolve Electrics
Lithium Block® - 1S9P (31.5Ah, 3.6V) - EVolve Electrics

Lithium Block® - 1S9P (31.5Ah, 3.6V)

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Download the Lithium Block 1S9P Spec Sheet Here



Introducing Lithium Block®, a configurable lithium module using authentic, wire bonded 18650 cells. Built with safety in mind, this proprietary design allows for the simple integration of our individually fused 18650 cells packaged in UL94 V-0 fire retardant plastics with integrated thermal management.  The Lithium Block® is able to be ordered in multiple series and parallel cell configurations, from 1S1P to 1S10P, allowing the end user to perfectly match their system specifications with the final battery design.  This turnkey system will significantly reduce prototyping and development time, saving the customer money while bringing their product to market quicker and more reliably than trying to build a lithium battery pack from the cell up.  Contact us for more information or to order your Lithium Block.

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Modular Lithium Battery Block:

  • Configuration: 1S9P
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
  • Charge Voltage: 4.2V 
  • Discharge Voltage: 2.5V 
  • Capacity: 31.5Ah
  • Nominal kWh: 0.11 kWh 
  • Continuous Discharge: 90 Amps 
  • Maximum Discharge: 315 Amps 
  • Volumetric Energy Density: 45 Wh/I
  • Gravimetric Energy Density: 232 Wh/kg 
  • Charge Temperature: 0°C to 60°C
  • Discharge Temperature: -40°C to 60°C
  • Shape: Prismatic
  • Dimensions: 80.01mm x 25.019mm x199.85mm
  • Weight: 487.80 g
  • Materials: Fire Retardant Glass Filled ABS UL94 VB-0
  • Protection: Individual Cell Fusing & Individual Cell Temp Monitoring 

Recommended Accessory Components (These are not included and should be purchased seperately):

  • Lithium Block® busbars 
  • Lithium Block® busbar cover

Call us today if you need assistance choosing the correct accessory components!