Molicel M35A 18650 Cell - Qty 200
Molicel M35A 18650 Cell - Qty 200

Molicel M35A 18650 Cell - Qty 200

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The Molicel M35A 18650 3500mAh 10A Battery is a high-performance rechargeable battery designed for use in a variety of devices, including electronic cigarettes, flashlights, and other portable electronics. With its impressive 3500mAh capacity, this battery offers an extended runtime and allows you to use your devices for longer periods of time without the need for frequent recharging.

The Molicel M35A is built to the highest standards of quality and safety, using advanced manufacturing techniques and high-quality materials. It has a maximum continuous discharge rate of 10 amps, which means it can deliver a consistent and reliable power supply for your devices.

This battery is also highly durable and long-lasting, with a lifespan of up to 500 cycles. It features a high energy density and low internal resistance, which translates to faster charging times and increased efficiency. The Molicel M35A is also designed with safety in mind, featuring built-in protection against overcharging, over-discharging, and short-circuiting.

Overall, the Molicel M35A is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-performance, reliable, and safe rechargeable battery for their electronic devices. Whether you're a professional user or a hobbyist, this battery is sure to deliver the power and performance you need.



Manufacturer Molicel
Model M35A
Size 18650
Positive Terminal
Flat Top
Nominal Capacity 3500mAh
Continuous Discharge Rating (max) 10A
Continuous Current Rating (max) 30W max,  Recommended 21W for good performance and cycle life
Nominal Voltage 3.6V
Maximum Voltage 4.2V
Discharge cut-off Voltage 2.5V
Protected No
Rechargeable Yes
Approx. Dimensions 18.3mm x 65.05mm
Approx. Weight 48g (Max)
Country of Origin Taiwan
Associated Names INR-18650-M35A
Data Specification Sheet

Molicel Datasheet

Molicel Cut Sheet