danfoss editron emi250 motor
Danfoss EM-PMI250 Motor & EC-C1200D Inverter

Danfoss EM-PMI250 Motor & EC-C1200D Inverter

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Formerly the UQM PowerPhase Pro 135, 160
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These Danfoss Editron motor + converter systems are intelligently designed for maximum performance and versatility. Providing up to 95% system efficiency, these systems consist of a high-performance, liquid cooled permanent magnet motor and a high-power, liquid cooled converter with a full-featured digital signal processor.
Variants include high-speed capability with high continuous power. These systems are optimal for high-performance passenger cars and light- to medium-duty commercial vehicles.

• EV/HEV traction drive
• Power dense, brushless permanent magnet synchronous motor
• DSP-controlled inverter with sine wave drive
• User selectable torque and speed
• CAN bus communication
• Built-in safety features
• Real time data event logging
• Liquid cooled (50/50 water/glycol liquid cooling)
• Best-in-class stall duration at 320 Nm

EC-C1200D Inverter Drawing
EM-PMI250 Motor Drawing
CAble #1 Drawing
Cable #2 Drawing