valeo siemens 3.3kW 180-430 dc Charger
valeo siemens dc charger
valeo siemens 3.3kW 180-430 dc Charger back view
valeo siemens 3.3kW 180-430 dc Charger top view
valeo siemens 3.3kW 180-430 dc Charger front view
valeo siemens 3.3kW dc cables
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Valeo Siemens 3.3kW 180-430Vdc Charger

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EV Power Charger 3.3 kW Traction Battery Charger Module

Compact and extremely efficient, the Valeo 3.3 kW  on board charger (OBC) for electrical vehicles is an OEM quality charger capable of charging any lithium ion battery pack. This charger is IP67 rated, liquid cooled with a built in cooling plate, and fully supported via CAN with the Orion BMS.  Applications include pure Electrical Vehicles (EV’s) and Plug-In Hybrid Electrical Vehicles (PHEV’s).  Designed for maximal utilization of 16A wall socket.


  • Automotive design
  • Global power grid compatibility
  • Compact design and higher power density
  • Digitally controlled power conversion
  • CAN Interface to control charging
  • Integrated liquid cooling
  • Advanced safety features - HV interlock (HVIL) - Passive discharge - Active discharge (optional) - Galvanic isolation for AC input, DC output and vehicle CAN Interface - High temperature de-rating above 60°C - Full aluminum IP67 casing
  • Pilot and Proximity detection (optional)
  • Integrated wake up (optional)


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