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On Board Battery Charger for Electric Vehicles (6.6kW 180-450Vdc) - Valeo

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Vehicle mounted on board charging device for plug-in hybrid electrical vehicles (PHEV’s) and electrical vehicles (EV’s).


  • Automotive electric vehicle compatibility
  • Global power grid compatibility
  • Compact design and higher power density
  • High level safety design; HV interlock (HVIL), passive discharge, active discharge (optional)
  • Galvanic isolation for AC input, DC output and vehicle logics
  • Durable full aluminum casing
  • Digitally controlled power conversion
  • Liquid cooling
  • High temperature de-rating
  • High voltage EV charger
Electrical Specifications
Output Voltage (Vdc) 200-450
Max Output Power (kW) 6.6
Max. Output Current (A DC) 24
Input Voltage Range (Vac) 85-275
Max. Input Current (Arms) 32
Efficiency (>50% load) (%) >93
Power Density (kW/L) ~1.4
Passive Discharge <60 Vdc within 120s
Active Discharge (option) <60 Vdc within 5s
Electrical Protection OVP, OCP, OTP
Communication CAN
Operation Altitude 5000 Meters
Mechanical Specifications
Operation Temperature -40°C to 85°C
IP Class IP67 & IP6K9K
Weight ~5.6 kg
Cooling Liquid
Coolant Pressure Drop <100 mBar
Size (LxWxH)(mm) 332 x 210 x 70 (including connector, water nozzle)
Volume ~4.9 L