Walmart Zivan NG1 Charger
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Walmart Zivan NG1 Charger

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Model: Battery Charger NG1
Pack Voltage: 24 Vdc
Cell Voltage: 24 Vdc
Cell Amp Hour: 225 Ah
Cell Count: 1
Chemistry: AGM
Input Voltage: 115 Vac

Technical Characteristics:

• Adaptable to every use and very flexible.
• CE certified.
• Metal case base and ABS cover.
• Coated printed circuit boards.
• Microprocessor-controlled and internally protected against overload, short circuit, incorrect connection and voltage transients.\t\t
• With an internal selector switch the chargers can adapt to every type of battery.
• Increased battery life and reduction of water usage.
• ZIVAN chargers operate at 85-90% efficiency for maximum savings of electric power cost.
• Operating temperature from -20° to +50°.
• Weight and size are minimized.