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Hyper 9 HV Motor Kit

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The HyPer 9 Integrated System™ (IS) HV is the ideal power-train for any light to mid-weight daily driver. Combine multiple systems for heavy-weight and racing vehicles. Its Synchronous Reluctance Internal Permanent Magnet (SRIPM) platform delivers outstanding torque and efficiency, generating higher power per pound than any other motor in its class. The HyPer 9HV IS™ includes the 144V brushless HyPer 9™ Motor, HyPer-Drive X144™ Controller/Inverter, Low Voltage Wire Harness, and Main Contactor. This system has many unique features that set it apart from any other EV solution on the market.


  • Industry Leading 3 Phase SRIPM Motor and Controller/Inverter
  • DC supply voltage from 90V to 180V, and current up to 500A Peak
  • Brushless Motor
  • Cageless Rotor - Higher efficiency, no heat from wasted energy
  • Synchronous Fileds - Full torque is harnessed without Rotor Slip
  • Up to 95% efficiency!
  • Up to 50% higher torque than similar sized AC Induction motors running at the same power levels!
  • Astounding performance in field weakening area with +50% power up to 5 times nominal speed
  • Ultra compact controller
  • Field Oriented Control algorithm optimized specifically for Synchronous Reluctance Internatl Permanent Magnet motors
  • Fully customizable controller I/O
  • Extensive program customization from PC with Smartview Software
  • Robust and Reliable


The Drive End (DE) shaft is 1.125" in diameter with a 1/4" keyway.
 Voltage:  144V Nominal 
Current:  500 Amp
Efficiency Peak:  95% 
KW Peak:  90 @ 170V 
KW Continuous:  38 @ 3,600RPM
RPM Peak:  8,000
RPM Continuous:  3,300
Torque:  162 lbs.-ft @ 0 RPM 
Regen:  Yes, Tailorable 
Motor Diameter:  8.66"
Motor Length:  13.976"
Motor Weight:  130 lbs. 
Controller Weight:  9 lbs. 
Shaft:  Single-Ended, Keyed
Mounting:  B-Face (WarP 9)
Insulation:  Class "H"
Software:  SmartView


er Drawing
Motor Drawing

Power Graph
Specifications Sheet for the Hyper 9 HV

Chill Plate

Greatly increase the continuous duty cycle of your Hyper-Drive X1 Controller/Inverter. Made from 6061 solid aluminum, this 5/8" thick plate is fitted with 1/8" NPT inlet and outlet ports. This is an unfinished aluminum plate and can be buffed with an abrasive pad for a matte finish or polished for a chrome look.

  • 5/8" thick 6061 solid aluminum
  • 1/8" NPT inlet and outlet ports
  • Mounting holes match X1 & X144 base
  • Includes liquid gasket maker
 The HyPer-Drive X1 Controller has an operating temperature range of -40°C to  +95°C. When the controller's heatsink temperature reaches +80°C, Thermal  Cutback  Mode will activate linear de-rating of the controller's output power.  This linear de-rating continues until shut down at +95°C. Without a chill plate, the current rating of a properly mounted HyPer-Drive X1 Controller is 750A for 2 minutes. A liquid cooling loop, fed through this chill plate, can yield approximately  2-3 times the stock duty cycle. A liquid cooling system is strongly recommended for any application requiring a continuous rating above 200 Amps. 

Compact Display 

The SME Compact Display is an optional add-on component for any Hyper-Drive X1 Controller/ Inverter. The immediate EV capabilities of this LCD Compact Display include:
  • Display vehicle speed in MPH or KM/H. This is a calculated value determined by tire diameter and up to two gear ratios.
  • Display active fault code of highest priority.
  • Indicate main battery pack state of charge.
  • Indicate power de-rating due to Motor or Inverter over-temperature.
  • Cycle between 3 operating profiles with push button (E/S/H) switch. (Must be assigned in Clone file)
  • "Diagnostic Mode" to view System values such as - HyPer Motor RPM, Temperature, Torque, Current, and more.

Used Throttle Pedal Assembly: 

Recommended Throttle Control Unit for any Hyper-Drive Controller/ Inverter. 0-5 V Potentiometer Pedal Assembly - Used. 

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