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Orion Pre-Wired Harnesses

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Total Pack Voltage Tap Harness (HV Pack Voltage Sense Connector)

The pack voltage sensor consists simply of one wire going to the total pack negative and the other to the total pack positive. This connector is used for redundant voltage monitoring for error detection as well as for isolation fault detection. These wires should be connected as close to the battery terminals as possible to avoid voltage drop. The BMS must always be able to read a pack voltage while operating; otherwise an error will be set. This total pack voltage sensing connection is optional for BMS unit with firmware revisions 2.6.8 and newer. If firmware 2.6.8 or newer is used, this connector may be left disconnected. The negative pack wire must still be connected to the negative-most terminal in the battery pack if isolation fault detection is to be used. Leaving both the pack positive and pack negative wires disconnected will prohibit the isolation fault detection circuit from working. If multiple Orion BMS units are being used in series, the total pack voltage sensor connection should be connected only to the portion of the pack that the BMS is controlling.

The Total Pack Voltage Tap Harness can only be used with the Original Orion BMS and is only available in 6' lengths. 

Main I/O for the Orion 02
6 Foot Main I/O harness for use with the Standard and Extended Orion BMS.
Compatible with original Orion (legacy) and Orion 2 BMS units.

Orion Jr. Main I/O Pre-wired harness – Standard Configuration
For Non-CAN enabled Orion Jr. BMS only, this harness does NOT have the CANBUS wires loaded.

Orion Jr. Main I/O Pre-wired harness – CANBUS Configuration

For CAN enabled Orion Jr. BMS, this version DOES have the CANBUS wires loaded.

Orion Jr. BMS – Voltage Tap Harness – 16 Cell
For both CAN and Non CAN Orion Jr. BMS

Pre-Wired Current Sensor Harness with Thermistors
8x Thermistors (2 meter length) pre-wired into current sensor connector.
This harness is compatible with Orion BMS 2 units ONLY.