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Andromeda EVIC Display

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The Andromeda Electric Vehicle Interface Controller (EVIC) is a graphical user interface that displays critical information from motor controller and battery management system in combination.

Integrated display device connects to CAN network and retrieves the following data:

-Motor Temperatures (Celsius)
-Motor RPM 
-Battery Voltage (VDV)
-Battery Charge and Discharge Amperage (Amps)
-Energy Capacity (State-Of-Charge & Amp-Hours)

Powder coated aluminum enclosure protects and secures the display device with mountable features included.

Great for the following applications:

  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Marine
  • Utility Vehicles
  • Industrial

Specification Summary


  • 9.36VDC input with reverse protection
  • CAN 2.0B 2500-VRMS Isolation (ISO1050DUB)

LCD Display:

  • Pixel Format: 800(W) x 480(H)
  • Diagonal Size: 7.0 in (17.8 cm)
  • Operating -20°C to +70°C


Graphics/Software Customization:

  • Custom Boot Screen and Logos
  • Studio Interface Kit (SIK) utility tool

The EVIC Advantage

Built-In CAN based communication interfaces to support a variety of electric vehicle sub-systems:

  • Motor Controllers
  • Battery Chargers
  • Battery Management Systems
  • Skinnable graphic interface provides flexibility in visually representing complex data
  • Hardware platform provides expanded I/O capability and flexibility with digital inputs/outputs and 12-bit ADC channels


Dash Replacement

  • Powder Coated AL Enclosure
  • (4x) mounting points
  • Limited dust ingress
  • HEIGHT: 4.7 in (12.0 cm)
  • WIDTH: 10.5 in (26.6 cm)
  • DEPTH: 3.1 in (7.9 cm)