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Elcon 500W IP67 Sealed DC-DC Converters

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Designed for low-voltage power supply of electric vehicles, this converter offers high efficiency, small size, high stability and long life.

- Full-Featured Protection
- Built-In Thermal Sensing Device with Thermal Shutdown and Automatic Recovery
- Fully Sealed Encapsulation Process, up to IP67 Protection Class

 **Subject to manufacturer's availability, PLEASE INQUIRE FOR CURRENT LEAD TIME.

Input Specifications

Input Voltage Range: DC64~133V
Frequency: Direct-Current
Effectiveness: ≥90% 500W
Input Reverse Polarity Protection: No
Input Overvoltage Protection: 133V
Input Undervoltage Protection: 64V
Input Fuse: When used, need to input by adding a fuse
Applicable Battery System: 80~96V Battery System
Static Power: Load current is less than 0.3 Acontinued 10 minutes into power-saving mode. Standby Power ≤0.5W

Output Specifications

Output Method: Constant/Constant
Output Current: Maximum 50A
Constant Current Accuracy: ±4%
Constant Output Voltage: 13.8V
Constant Accuracy: ±1%
P-p Ripple Voltage: 200mV
Overvoltage Protection: Output>16.0V Overvoltage Relay, Abnormalities disappear from the new starting power to resume normal work

Additional Specifications

-Input to ground:500VDC≤10mA
-Input to output: 500VDC≤10mA
-Output to ground:500VDC≤10mA
-500VDCInsulation resistance≥10M Europe

Protection Class: IP67
Operating Temperature: -40℃~ +60℃
Storage Temperature: -55℃~ +85℃
Overtemperature Protection: Module temperature reaches 90 degrees and stops working. After cooling, the power supply automatically resumes normal operation.