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1000W IP67 Sealed DC-DC Converter

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-Supplies 12V/24V power to low-voltage applications in electric vehicles
-Output terminal can connect directly to 12V/24V back-up battery pack
-Manages the charging process of back-up battery automatically
-Fully Sealed Potting can be waterproof and dust proof
-Temperature and Vibration Resistance

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Model List:

 Nominal Input  Nominal Output Model  Configurations  Cooling Method 
72V  14.0V  TDC-IY-72-12 CANxxxx/N Passive Cooling 
96V/ 108 14.0V TDC-IY-108-12 CANxxxx/N Passive Cooling 
144V  14.0V  TDC-IY-144-12 CANxxxx/N Passive Cooling 
216V 14.0V  TDC-IY-216-12 CANxxxx/N Passive Cooling 
320V  14.0V  TDC-IY-320-12 CANxxxx/N Passive Cooling 


Technical Specifications (Input):

 Model  TDC-IY-72-12 TDC-IY-108-12 TDC-IY-144-12 TDC-IY-216-12 TDC-IY-320-12
Nominal Voltage:  DC72V  DC108V/ DC96V  DC144V  DC216V  DC320V
Nominal Current:  15A  10A/ 11A  7.5A  5A  3.5A 
Max Current:  ≤25A ≤18A ≤12A ≤8A ≤6A
Input Voltage Range:  44-97V  74-162V  103-227V  135-290V  200-454

Input Low Voltage

Protection Value 

42V±2V 70V±2V 96V±4V 165V±5V 215V±5V

Input Over Voltage 

Protection Value 

100±3V 162±4V 215±5V 305±5V 455±5V

Start-Up Time 

≈0.5S @
≈0.5S @
≈0.5S @
≈0.5S @

≈0.5S @