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Elcon UHF 6.6 kW Charger w/CANbus

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  • Elcon UHF 6.6kW CANbus Charger Manual

    6.6KW UHF chargers are available in the following models.  The first number is the maximum voltage and the second number is the maximum current.

    HK-J-H108-60 provides 26-144VDC output

    HK-J-H144-46 provides 50-198VDC output

    HK-J-H216-28 provides 70-290VDC output

    HK-J-H312-20 provides 110-440VDC output

    HK-LF-H540-14 provides 170-650VDC output


    HK-J series 6.6kW charger was specially designed supplying the electricity for the electric vehicle's power battery, on the basis of the national standards for the charger. This product has the advantages of not only high efficiency, small size, high stability, long lifespan, but also high protection grade, and high reliability and complete protection function, etc. It's definitely an ideal charging power supply for electric vehicles. This charger has a built-in heat-sensing device and can automatically recover through the thermal protection. Fully sealed potting process and up to IP67 protection level ensures that it will not cause any trouble even in a complex environment. 

    Main Feature:

    • Fully Sealed, Enforce Air Cooling (Module Optional)
    • Reliable working under -35C to +85C 
    • Internal temperature Sensor 
    • Shut off inside temperature over 90C 
    • IP67 Protection Level 
    • Working well in immersion shortly


     Items  Data
    AC Input Range  AC 90-265V 
    Frequency  45-65Hz
    Input Current  32A 
    Power Factor  0.99 Half loading
    Efficiency 93% Full loading 
    Standby Consumption 10W 

    Main Output:

     Items  Data 
    Output Mode  CV/  CC 
    Output Voltage  6600W @ 220VAC; 3300W @ 220VAC
    CV Accuracy  +/- 1%
    CC Accuracy +/- 2%
    Ripple Voltage Coefficient 5%

    Low Voltage Output:

     Output Mode CV
    Output Voltage 13.8V/ 27.6V
    CV Accuracy  +/- 1%
    CC Accuracy  +/- 2%
    Ripple Voltage Coefficient 5%

    CAN Communications:

     CAN Communication  Optional
    Baud Rate  125Kbps, 250Kbps, 500Kbps
    Terminal Resistance  NO 

    Protection Feature:

     Input Over-Voltage Protection AC285+/-5V
    Input Under Voltage Protection AC85+/-5V 
    Output Over-Voltage Protection  Stop the output when exceeds + 1% of the maximum output voltage 
    Output Under-Voltage Protection Stop the output when below -5% of the minimum output voltage 
    Output Over-Current Protection Stop the output when exceeds + 1% of the maximum output current 
    Over-Temperature Protection  Power down from 85°C and shut off at 90C 
    Short-circuit Protection Stop Output
    Battery Reverse Connect Protection  Fuse Burned-out 
    Ground Protection 100 
    CAN communication Protection Automatically stop the output when CAN communication fails
    Power-off Protection YES 

    Safety and others:

     Withstand Voltage

    Input to Output: 2000VAC≤10mA

    Input to Ground: 2000VAC≤12mA 

    Output to Ground: 2000VAC≤10mA, all 1 min

    Insulation Resistance

    Input, Output, signal terminal to casing≥10mΩ

    Testing Voltage 1000VDC 

    Electromagnetic Immunity

    GB/T 18487 3-2001 11.3.1

    Electromagnetic Abusive

    GB/T 18487 3-2001 11.3.2

    Harmonic Current 

    GB 17625 1-2003

    Inrush Starting Current 


    Current-rise Time 

    ≤5S, Overshoot ≤5% 

    Close response Time 

    100% 10%≤50mS, 100% 0%≤200mS 


    10-25Hz Amplitude 1.2mm, 25-500Hz 30ms2, 8hrs per direction





    Work Environment

    Relative Temp 5%-95% No condensation 

    Working Temperature 

    -35°C - +85°C 

    Storage Temperature 

    -55°C - +100°C