Elcon UHF 6.6 kW Charger w/CANbus

Elcon UHF 6.6 kW Charger w/CANbus

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6.6KW UHF chargers are available in the following models.  

HK-LF-108-60 (45-177VDC output)

HK-LF-144-46 (50-202VDC output)

HK-LF-216-28 (70-290VDC output)

HK-LF-312-20 (110-450VDC output)

HK-LF-540-12 (170-680VDC output)


HK-L series 6.6KW charger is a great onboard charger featuring high efficiency, compact size, high stability and long lifespan. It’s definitely an ideal charging power supply for electric vehicles. 

Main Feature:

  • Fully Sealed, Enforce Air Cooling (Module Optional)
  • Reliable working under -35C to +85C 
  • Internal temperature Sensor 
  • Shut off inside temperature over 90C 
  • IP67 Protection Level 
  • Working well in immersion shortly


 Items  Data
AC Input Range  AC 90-265V 
Frequency  45-65Hz
Input Current  32A 
Power Factor  0.99 Half loading
Efficiency 93% Full loading 
Standby Consumption 10W 

Main Output:

 Items  Data 
Output Mode  CV/  CC 
Output Voltage  6600W @ 220VAC; 3300W @ 220VAC
CV Accuracy  +/- 1%
CC Accuracy +/- 2%
Ripple Voltage Coefficient 5%

Low Voltage Output:

 Output Mode CV
Output Voltage 13.8V/ 27.6V
CV Accuracy  +/- 1%
CC Accuracy  +/- 2%
Ripple Voltage Coefficient 5%

CAN Communications:

 CAN Communication  Optional
Baud Rate  125Kbps, 250Kbps, 500Kbps
Terminal Resistance  NO 

Protection Feature:

 Input Over-Voltage Protection AC285+/-5V
Input Under Voltage Protection AC85+/-5V 
Output Over-Voltage Protection  Stop the output when exceeds + 1% of the maximum output voltage 
Output Under-Voltage Protection Stop the output when below -5% of the minimum output voltage 
Output Over-Current Protection Stop the output when exceeds + 1% of the maximum output current 
Over-Temperature Protection  Power down from 85°C and shut off at 90C 
Short-circuit Protection Stop Output
Battery Reverse Connect Protection  Fuse Burned-out 
Ground Protection 100 
CAN communication Protection Automatically stop the output when CAN communication fails
Power-off Protection YES 

Safety and others:

 Withstand Voltage

Input to Output: 2000VAC≤10mA

Input to Ground: 2000VAC≤12mA 

Output to Ground: 2000VAC≤10mA, all 1 min

Insulation Resistance

Input, Output, signal terminal to casing≥10mΩ

Testing Voltage 1000VDC 

Electromagnetic Immunity

GB/T 18487 3-2001 11.3.1

Electromagnetic Abusive

GB/T 18487 3-2001 11.3.2

Harmonic Current 

GB 17625 1-2003

Inrush Starting Current 


Current-rise Time 

≤5S, Overshoot ≤5% 

Close response Time 

100% 10%≤50mS, 100% 0%≤200mS 


10-25Hz Amplitude 1.2mm, 25-500Hz 30ms2, 8hrs per direction





Work Environment

Relative Temp 5%-95% No condensation 

Working Temperature 

-35°C - +85°C 

Storage Temperature 

-55°C - +100°C